Markets Served


Centron has experience in the automotive industry and adheres to the stringent quality requirements of the automotive industry with strict controls and quality procedures carried out by the Shop Flow Control System.


Medical Instruments

We are ISO 13485 qualified for medical products and have met the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the manufacturing and design of medical instruments and devices.


Computing & Storage

Our dedicated team has integrated manufacturing and design capabilities for the required components and sub-assemblies used with computing products.


Consumer Electronics

Centron provides manufacturing and global supply chain solutions for computer-related products. With a clear focus on service and quality, Centron provides the flexibility needed for our customers to bring added value.


Communication Networks

Centron’s assembly line produces a wide range of communication network products. Through cooperation with our esteemed customers, our portable telecom device assembly lines have undergone mass production since 2007.



Please send us a request if your product is not listed and we will work with you. We will ensure the timely response to your inquiry and source the most cost-effective and best-quality materials for your project.