Material Management

Procurement Management

We aim to conduct sourcing activities with reasonable costs to maintain competiveness for our customers and have a non-stop material supply to keep production moving. Risk buy plans have been set up for our customers with the goal of dealing with long lead-time materials based on the the correlating risk factor.

We constantly strive to bring down material lead times with our effective delivery management system. Raw material forecasts are provided to the customer to buffer finished goods. For urgent NPI cases, we source from the spot market to meet your urgent production schedule. Through our ERP system, we receive immediate material shortage notifications and provide you timely feedback on your order.

Procurement Policy

  • Meet the most demanding customer requirements.
  • Provide the most competitive overall service to our customers.

Material Planning

  • Provide accurate material plan through integrated ERP system.
  • Use e-commerce platform to provide forecast demand for material allocation.


  • Continue to provide even more competitive prices.
  • Integrate effective supply chain management system.

Rush Order Management

  • Offer alternative materials in a timely manner and provide recommendations to shorten delivery.
  • Establish required safety stock or risk allocations in response to customer demand.